Brainlink B.V. is a manufacturer of disposables used for preclinical research. A wide range of guide cannulae with corresponding probes are offered with a diverse range of membrane types, probe materials and for geometry. For specific needs Brainlink can deliver custom made probes to meet almost any requirement.

Our products

Normal CNS probes

Small cut-off probes for sampling neurotransmitters in the brain.

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MetaQuant CNS probes

Modified slow-flow microdialysis probes for measuring absolute values in PK/PD research.

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Push-pull CNS probes

High cut-off probes for sampling peptides, proteins and cytokines.

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Quality control

Each disposable can be traced back to its ground material and is assembled according to highly standardized production procedures. Prior to shipment each disposable is tested for defects. We do not guarantee disposables after being implanted in vivo.

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Custom probes

Brainlink is very flexible in the offered probe sizes and dimensions. We are very dedicated to customer’s needs. Tell us your wishes and we will try to solve it!

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