Brainlink B.V. origins stem from the University Center of Pharmacy, Groningen, the Netherlands where extensive microdialysis techniques has been developed since 1988.

Brainlink is an initiative of Dutch scientists who want to transfer their expertise and know-how to the scientific community. Our main mission is to assemble high quality disposables for a sharp price and with ultimate design flexibility.


Microdialyis only a method for sampling the brain?

Microdialysis is not restricted to the brain. Internal organs like the lungs, heart, liver, spleen, kidney, gut, uterus, gonads, bladder, prostate, pancreas etc. can be sampled. You can also think about in vivo sampling of skinand eye. In vitro applications like tissue- and cell cultures and ex vivo environmental monitoring like plants, trees & soil. This opens up great new possibilities and we would like to help you to get this going!