Vascular MetaQuant microdialysis probe

The vascular microdialysis probes is designed for implantation into the jugular vein of a rat or mice.

The jugular vein microdialysis probe give researchers the ability to determine the free fraction of a compound in blood. New chemical entities and/or CNS compounds are prone to high protein binding. Implanting the MetaQuant probe in the brain and in the jugular vein is a good tool to get more insight in the kinetic profile of a compound.


Technical information

Polyacrylonitrile membrane (PAN) cut-off 45 - 50 kDa
Regenerated Cellulose (RC) cut-off 18 kDa
Membrane length 3 & 4 mm
PAN outer diameter 320 µm
RC outer diameter 216 µm
3Fr silicon shaft length rat 800 mm
2Fr silicon shaft length mice 450 mm


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